My name is Olly Nice to meet you.

I have been having a good time with life at the moment. meeting nice people and caring for friends. Life is great when you have people who care for you. I’ve taken up doing small kind deeds for my friends instead of trying to save the world. Also my name is Olly or Oliver. It’s nice to meet you world. I’ve also gone vegan since my last post so yeah big news I should update the name of my blog lol.

Have At You Mankind

Its funny when I look at this world, everyone trying to do something special or lost and trying to find their specialness or even worse not knowing they are special and stuck in an indulgent state. I think human kind needs an event something to bring it together, a giant common goal, something where everyone is important. I look at the word and wonder all our in fighting, petty politics, broken money systems, trying to prove we are something, looking at others like they are or aren’t something. I wonder if we can truly look out at an amazing goal and come together and stop fighting each other and start fighting a fight where no one gets hurt, where we save each other and make something amazing together as one.



Agnostic romantic

Its a funny thing this world its so full of extremes. Personally I like the balance, the harmonies. But as I watch this world I wonder what harmony is there, we are so important about our selves, if we think we are stupid we develop an inferiority complex. If we think we are smart we think we are better than others. When we look at others we either look up or down. Its rare in human relations that we find the balance. There in where lies the problem as a species we have reached a point of messy stupidity. It seems we made a system were a handful of people could easily provide the entire earths needs and soon it will reach a point were machines will be self-sufficient and they will be able provide all our human rights without the need for human intervention. So what of us, what of humanity, after this occurs what to do with us. Are we gonna lie down. It seems we are trying to scrounge a living in a system that’s working its way to make us useless. I used to always romance about the medieval times. People would tell me it was a horrible time with dirt and smell but there was one thing that I loved more than the castles and the knights it was that people were useful. Today I was thinking as I sat on the train, to be needed is the thing that’s dying these days, that basic human right, something that’s neglected as much as food and water. not only does everyone need someone, but they also need to be needed by someone. I need to be needed and I hope someone needs you!

The Edge of Fantasy

Today I was thinking about love. When ever I think about the girl I am going to end up with I imagine the end like what happens when you die. For me heaven or hell it wouldn’t matter as long as I was with her. Sometimes I wonder does the girl I think about even exist in this mud we call reality, is she there scrambling and churning at the life’s messy causes and tragedy’s. Is she someone I’ve met or do I still have to find her, will I just bump into her or will we never meet star crossed by luck’s hand.

It’s funny when I imagine heaven I think of a play ground where its just me and her in pure creativity and we can visit our loved ones, together, when ever we want. When I imagine hell Its me and her back to back, in a cell, facing all the horrors and tortures that can be done to a soul knowing we have a choice to leave but it would mean being apart so we never do. when I imagine the idea of nothing happening when you dye it doesn’t hurt as much for I don’t think people are things still the idea of us being not is a scarier idea.



Long hall week

This week has been long and hard. I don’t want to get into details but the sooner I put it behind me the better.

I did get through some of the things I was doing so it wasn’t all bad. But my body and mind have had a hard time healing. Word of advice don’t ever over train it will leave you weak and ill and slow minded.

Attack on titan

So I have watched now up to episode 24. What I think so far. I have mixed feelings. I felt the killing off of the scouting legion by the Female titan was unnecessary + my favourite character was Petra so sad day for me. It was great other than that. Its nice to finally find out who the female titan was. Also if I was going to experiment on the titans I would look for a way to poison them. the other thing that annoyed me was her being captured twice just from a plot point of view that was rather dumb. Over all I love attack on titan Its made me feel like getting more into anime and manga. As for character development it was great to see some depth into Levi who is an amazing character, his sheer presence makes him so brilliant. Anyway I await episode 25 with baited breath.